Sunday, September 04, 2005

On Mini-Vans and Babies

One of the many reasons we were excited to move to Indianapolis is that we were not going to have to pay rent. It was our goal to take that money and do a combination of pay off student loans and save, save, save. However, we realized that we were reaching a point where we really needed to replace Abigail's neon (however, we realized this AFTER we made all of the major repairs, so it actually runs well now). So we were resigned to the fact that all the extra money we were going to get to save was instead going into buying a new car. However, that is not the case! Thanks to my incredible generous uncle, we are getting a van that they are getting rid of. So now we won't have to buy a new car, and to make it even better Abigail's sister is taking the Neon. While mini-vans have soccer mom plastered on them, it will actually be good for hauling all manners of kids. From youth group teenagers (which will be good having a bigger vehicle) all the way down to infants (not that we are going to be hauling one of those around any time soon). Speaking of infants I actually got spend time with one. We went to a get together for Abigail's family and among the atendees was Abigail's aunt who as a two year old boy. Now usually when babies are around, most adults start activly competing for the babies attention in a desperate attempt to get it to do something cute. For just about all of my life I have really avoided that game, and thus the time I have spent holding babies numbers in the minutes. However, I got to spend a lot of time with this little two year old (At first I was really the only one available and willing to watch him as he ran around), but I have to be honest I really enjoyed it. I had never held anyone that small so close to me for so long. I have never had a child hold on to me and smile so innocently. I know it is often the realm of girls to say "They're soooooo CUTE!!!!. But seriously He was really cute. It just occurred to me that I have no way to end my thoughts right now. Either I will continue to ramble until my writings become an (even more) incoherent mess, or I will try to hapazardly write a concluding sentence that is an incoherent mess, so instead I will just stop with this period.


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