Saturday, October 08, 2005


So it is no surprise that I saw this movie ( the big surprise is that I didn't see it on opening day). A lot of different sources have declared this movie "the next Star Wars" (in fact some of declared Serenity better than Star Wars). I really liked the movie. It was fun, great characters, witty banter, and several of those "wow" moments. I have never seen the show Firefly, on which the movie is based, and I did feel a bit that I was jumping into the middle of something. However, the movie does stand alone on it's own and there are only one or two parts that I felt like I would understand better if I had watched the show (speaking of which, I really do want to get the Firefly DVD set now). Overall, the movie did not remind me of Star Wars though. Certainly some elements have a Star Wars like feel, but for the most part the movie reminded me more of Star Trek the Next Generation, only Han Solo is the captain. If you like movies that involve shooting, spaceships,and martial arts then you need to see this movie. If you just like fun movies,then you should probably also see this one.


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