Wednesday, October 12, 2005

That's neat . . .

There are at least three or four people I consider friends who I think will some day reach greatness of some sort. Now I don't think anyone I know will be front page tabloid material or any thing like that, but I expect to some day see them on the Nightly News as an expert in their field, headlining some conference somewhere, or seeing their book in a bookstore, something like that. I say this because someone I know (definatly a distant aqaintance) has their own nationally released CD. Jerry Wise was the SCF worship leader my freshman year, and someone I knew and associated with. Naturally, I have not seen or talked with him for years, but it is cool that someone I know has a CD. For the UE people who read here, I am sure this is probably old news to you (so why didn't you tell me?)


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