Wednesday, March 01, 2006

No Escape From Reality

So most people would probably be apt to say that I have never been grounded in any form of reality to begin with. However, I have always liked creating ways to escape it. Growing up my brother, sister and I played a lot of imaginary stuff, and I was usually the one crafting and creating the story we were playing out. In high school, I started playing paper and pencil Role playing games, and this was perfect for me. I got to continue to craft stories, and in the Star Wars universe, it was absolutly wonderful! In college, I got to role play my Freshman and Sophmore year, and that was fun too. However, in college I was able to take my silly storytelling to a new level with the Masked Banditz, and that was really the last time, three years ago. It would seem the easy outlet to this would be for me to just write stories, and that should seem true but it doesn't quite work for me. In writing, the story, the characters, the everything is all me. I know when we were making the Masked Banditz movies, I would set the scene and then tell people to say something witty, or say something mean. By not controling every aspect, I got to live the story. As a writer, I find myself existing outside the story, a god-like entity in control of all. In role-playing though, I am a story teller living inside my own story. I loved doing that so much and I miss it dearly.

One would think there would be enough people interested in the same type of geekery in Indianapolis to find some way to get involved with that, but thus far I have had no luck (either false starts or people meet on Sunday). However, it sounds like that my change. Melissa and fiance, Ben came down this past week end (thanks again for speaking at church Mel!), and they play a Vampire LARP, which I might be able to get involved in (and I already have a character idea all ready!). Ben also knew some people in the area he does paper and pencil RPGs with. The vast majority of my RPG experience (and preference) is in paper and pencil as the Gamemaster/Story teller, but in these I will be playing a character. Still it is better than nothing, and might offer me my reality escape.


Blogger Mel said...

Hey, Sean! Here's the website for the Mage/Vampire LARPs in Indy. ^_^


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