Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sorry, I don't have much

Yes, I realize that I have been fairly quiet on the ol' blogspot for a while. By and large there is not a lot going on, just buisness as usual. Then it occured to me the few of you who actually read here may not be aware what buisness as usual is.
Everything with my job at the church is going really well. Believe it or not, but we have been in Indianapolis for six months, so this past Sunday I had the youth feel out a youth group report card and evaluation. I was happy that they gave me an A! :) I got a lot of good feedback, and I think we will be able to make some positive changes. At the youth group meetings we are talking about the Big questions. This past Sunday the question was "What makes Christianity different from other religions?" The Sunday before that, "Why should I believe the Bible?" and the first one was "How do I know God exist?" A lot of the youth here are very Post-Modern in their world view, which presents some challenges when talking about questions like this, but overall it is going well. I am also in the middle of teaching Confirmation, which is going well. I have been able to break out all of my teacher training for this, and I am really enjoying it. Of course with Confirmation from 3:30-5 on Sundays and youth group from 5-7 on the same day, it makes for long days. We are in the process of creating a youth group room as well. The youth have decided it is going to have a beach theme. To go along with this, we are also trying to come up with a name more exciting than "youth group." To give it more appeal, and feel more college-y/grow up I want the name to be abbreivated by greek letters. Yes you read that right, me, Mr. Anti-frat is trying to come up with a very fraternal name. Irony of ironies.
On top of all of that, I am knee deep in the process of planning a mission trip to the Cayman Islands. There are 32 people going, and as you can imagine the flight alone puts the required money into five digets, which easily makes this the biggest project I have ever been a part of EVER. It is a little bit intimidating to be honest. So yeah, that is what is going on. . .


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Nothing wrong with Greek, 'Grand-Big' ;)

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