Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A wretched Hive of Scum and Villianary

So by and large Indianapolis is my first time to live in a city. Sure, I lived in Evansville (twice) but the first time I lived outside of Evansville in a rural area, and UE is a college campus, which is its own microverse. I do not feel unsafe in Indianapolis at all, but I do have to take a moment to pause after today. Someone tried to break into the church last night. There method for breaking and entering was a car. That's right they backed a car into the door. The door stayed (in fact the alarm didn't even go off), but the door is seriously messed up and will have to be replaced. I find it kind of amazing that an attempted crime happened about a football field away from where I sleep. There have been other crimes in the area. Not to long ago a Steak and Shake less than three miles away was robbed at gun point with a sub machine gun. In November, a police officer was shot just two blocks down the road. I don't really live in a high crim neighborhood, but it is the highest crime neighborhood I have ever lived in, that is for sure.


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