Monday, March 13, 2006

So Close!

A video game website posted a job opening. Look at these qualifications:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
Yep! I got that one under control.
  • Outstanding writing skills
I am not to bad of writer, and least Abigail says I am outstanding
  • At least one year writing experience at a Website or journalistic publication
Oh yeah, I knew writing for the Crescent would come in handy!
  • Extensive knowledge of the videogame industry, both classic and current games, and all gaming platforms
Video games and Star Wars are the two places where I will claim extensive knowledge for sure!
  • Excellent verbal and social skills
I have excellent verbal skills and servicavle social skills, so that is close enough.
  • Experience with HTML
My experience in this area, might be a little weak, but I can do alright.
  • Love and acceptance of all videogame systems
I'm not a fanboy, so that isn't a problem.
  • Quality-oriented
I am when I have to be!
  • Winning attitude
Sure, why not? Go team!
  • Can work in the San Francisco Bay area
NNOOOOOOO!!!!!! I really could have been a decent contender if it were not for this last thing, oh well. I didn't want to write about video games for a living anyway.


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