Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Favorite Games Ever

I officially decided that I have a new favorite board/card game. I could just post what it is and be done with it, but this isn't twitter. I fool myself into believing that people occasionally read what I write for its incredible entertainment value, and nothing is more fun to read than lists! (Seriously, as an aside have you ever noticed how many magazine/website articles are organized as a list?)

So I am not going to just share with you my new favorite game, but every game that has ever held that position. We will start early and work our way up. Also, if you really want to waste time at work, you can go here and look at pictures and read about each of the games listed.

1. Chutes and Ladders

I have an elementary school memory book and in that it list my favorite game as a kindergarten student as Chutes and Ladders. Oh well, I guess you have to start somewhere, and Chutes and Ladders is better than Candyland

2. Dino Bones
By time I was in 1st grade my favorite game apparently changed to Dino Bones. Until I read that, I had zero recollection of the game. After I looked it up, I remember the board but I remember very little about how to play it. I loved Dinosaurs at that age though, so it is no surprise that I would list a dinosaur game as my favorite.

3. Hero Quest
Now we skip ahead a bit to 5th-7th grade, and during that time my favorite game was without a doubt Hero Quest. I loved this game. Sadly, I loved it far more than anyone else in my family, and it was only played a handful of times. However, I did have access to a copier so I amused myself by creating dozens of my own dungeons. In high school I really got into being a GM in role playing games, and Hero Quest probably had a lot to do with that.

4. Star Wars CCG
Star Wars CCG is without a doubt my favorite game of my high school days. I experimented with Magic, got into the more simplistic (but more accessible) Spellfire, but it was Star Wars that became my cardboard crack of choice. During high school my parents were very supportive of this hobby. They took me to tournaments over two hours away in Indianapolis, and my dad even jumped through the hoops to become certified to host and run official tournaments. The only reason I got out of it is because going to college was to expensive to justify spending $3 per pack of cards.

5. Stratego Legends
Coming off of Star Wars CCG, I really liked the customizable element of games and I have always been a fan of Stratego, so making it customizable was a good move for me. I had a room mate who really liked playing this game was well so I got a lot of games in.

6. Diplomacy
I have only played this game twice, but the experiences were both so great that if asked for a couple of years after graduating college I would have said this is my favorite game. The first game I played all seven people were new to it, so we knew nothing going into it. The back room deals, betrayals and strategy was excellent. I won that game, and the second game we never finished but I was on my way in that one as well.

7. Memoir '44
For the last few years this has been my favorite game. I love games that mix strategy with luck, and this game does it very well. I am also a fan of the WWII theme, and the ability to create my own scenarios. Plus, my wife has always been willing to play it with me so that is a plus. I had really thought that Memoir '44 was the perfect game for me, until . . .

8. Race for the Galaxy
This is my new favorite game. I got it for Christmas and my wife and I have played it twelve times thus far in less than a month. We both really like it. For me this scratches the same itch that playing the Star Wars CCG scratched, and the Sci-Fi theme helps it. I really like that there are multiple strategies to go with, and what strategy one employs really depends on what they can make of their starting planet and starting hand. This game is ultra addictive and I look forward to all of the future plays we have in store.


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All those video games are fantastic!! Hero Quest and Star Wars CCG both are my favorite!!

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