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Top Ten Songs from Star Wars

Alright, it is Tuesday and I am already making Star Wars post #2! I might actually reach my goal. One of the things that makes the Star Wars movies so good is the music. With the exception of the highly questionable Star Wars Christmas album, I have all Star Wars music available. So here is my list of what I consider to be the best Star Wars music.

10. Catina Band (ANH)
I bet that after the Main theme this is probably the most recognizable music from Star Wars. This is the song that that is being played in the Catina when Luke and Obi-wan walk in to find Han Solo.

9. Across the Stars (AotC)
This song is a decent love theme. Overall, I probably like the one for Han and Leia from Empire Strikes back a bit better, but I have to include this because this song was actually played at my wedding as one of the prelude songs.

8. Tie Fighters Attack/"Here They Come" (ANH)
This is a scene from the movie where the music alone conveys the images and emotions of the movie. Don't believe me? Just watch the clip with only the music and no other sound:

7. The Seduction of Princess Leia (Shadows of the Empire)

In the mid 90's a Star Wars book, Shadows of the Empire, was published. This book filled the gap between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It also had its own soundtrack, and this is by far the coolest song from that soundtrack. Since most people have probably NEVER heard this soundtrack, you should give this song a listen

6. The Asteroid Field (ESB)
One of the (many) scenes that I really like from Empire Strikes Back is the one where the Millennium Falcon tries to escape tie fighters by flying into an asteroid belt. Like "Tie Fighters Attack" the music fits the images on screen perfectly

5. Throne Room/End Title (ANH)
This is the music played at the end of A New Hope after the death star is destroyed and medals are being given out. In my head every time I accomplish something big, this music plays. Which is why I really wanted it to be the music Abigail and I walked out to at our wedding. I still can't she agreed to it!

4. Battle of the Heroes (RotS)
This is the music from Obi-Wan and Anikan's fight in Episode III. To give it a listen, watch the clip from the Top Ten Star Wars Moments list.

3. Duel of the Fates

The single best thing to come out of Episode I was this song that was in full force throughout the fight with Darth Maul. I appreciated how this theme was used throughout the prequel movies.

2. Main Theme
Well of course this song has to be on the list and it has to be way up there. Nothing can transport me to a galaxy far, far away like hearing this iconic masterpiece.

1. Imperial March

The main theme is good, but Imperial March is better. I already talked about this in my top ten moments, but the Imperial March conveys the dread the Empire should impose really well. In watching the prequel movies, every time a bit of the Imperial March crept into the soundtrack I smiled.


Blogger Justin Dohoney said...

Another fun post! I think I may be in slightly more agreement with these than with the Top Ten Moments, but there were a few that I would have included as well. I'm not the biggest fan of the love theme, and while I like "Battle of the Heroes," I wouldn't have included it this high if at all. It's not that I don't like it, just that to me it mostly seems like a rehash of some previous themes and ideas. The only thing from the prequels you didn't mention that I especially like are "Zam the Assassin/Chase through Coruscant" (among the most original pieces in the Star Wars repertoire) and "Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious" (don't know why, but this is my favorite piece from Ep. 3) Unfortunately, while I have all three prequel soundtracks, I only have some individual songs from the originals. The one's I especially like are "The Battle of Hoth" and "The Battle of Endor." Also, as much as I love "The Seduction of Princess Leia," I like "The Battle of Gall" and "Destruction of Xizor's Palace" even better. Apparently, I mostly like the battle music. :) I agree completely with your top three though.

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