Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Connor's favorite music

So like most young babies, Connor is not to wild about going to sleep. From the stories I have heard though, Abigail and I can not complain. Connor is a great sleeper, and overall goes to sleep well. However, sometimes it is a struggle. We have been using music to help soothe Connor a good deal, and have found it fairly effective. There are three songs specifically that he seems to respond to better than most. I don't know why, but these three songs really calm Connor so I guess they are his favorite.

1. Be Thou My Vision

It is not the recording in the video, but it is as close as I could find. Connor loves this tune, we have a sung version but he responds best to a "Celtic Hymns "version that is all instrumental.

2. You Raise Me Up

This one makes Connor's mom happy. He really likes You Raise Me Up as sung by Celtic Woman. We have tried some other Celtic Woman music, and he seems to like it, but like the other two songs this one puts him right to sleep.

3. Halo theme: Corpomix

This one makes Connor's dad happy. :) I played this specific recording of the Halo theme song a couple of days to go, to see how he would react and he fell asleep half way through the song. Abigail did not believe me, so we tried using it on a night when he was a little cranky about going to sleep. By the third play through he was out. Today, Abigail broke down and played Connor Halo music on her own, and again he went right to sleep. I like to think he is dreaming of getting a killtacular.


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