Saturday, March 20, 2010

What I want to Do this year update

So two months ago (has it really been that long?) I blogged about four things I wanted to do this year. The year is only a few days away from being 1/4th over, so here is an update on how things are going.

One of the things I want to do this year is get good at disc golf. With the nice weather, I have been to play once, and I did well. I played with a couple of youth and I won. I played with the same youth last Summer/Fall and I only won once. The two things I need to work on in disc golf are my drives and consistency. Even when I throw it really well, my drives are a little short. When I watch the people who know what they are doing, they consistently go further on their drives than I do. Their are moments when I throw it just about perfect. I almost holed in one a Par three on my first outing, so I can do it, but I need to work on consistency. For every perfect throw, there are three complete failures.

I have not read a history book yet, or even thought about it. I do know that I will eventually read Scottish Battles. I bought it five years ago in Scotland (five years. .. really?), but then moved and started seminary. I read the first three chapters five years ago, but I will start over and finish it. I have not gotten to this yet because I have been busy reading fiction books. Since January 1st I have read Star Wars Dark Troopers (Star Wars Zombies!!!), Halo Evolutions (short stories in the Halo universe), Plague of the Dead (More Zombies!!!), and EVE: The Empyrean Age (Sci-fi book that I bought at half price because it had an awesome cover). I still have four more fiction books I want to get through (another Halo novel, a Mass Effect Novel, historical fiction, and Ender's Game). After those four books I will read my history book.

I have not even attempted to get published yet, but I am going to soon. When it comes to church work, Friday is my catch up, and "get'er done" day (did I really just use that phrase?!?) Since Connor has been born I have been perpetually behind, BUT the first Friday I am caught up then I plan on writing for publication. I have several items that I have thought that I can submit to Group Magazine, the magazine I got published in previously. I have also book marked the submission page of some other youth ministry sources as well as some Christian devotional sources.

The project I have put the most thought and effort into is creating a game. I actually started working on a prototype of a starship combat game. The idea was to create a game that was all about Space Opera style, large scale capitol ship battles. Basically a game that captured the feel of this:

I think I had some really solid ideas, but the scope was to big. To work the game required some really solid, clear artwork. . .which I can not do. Plus it required A LOT of pieces and cards,so realistically I could never make it well.

I do have several other ideas though. My experience with the space ship game has me thinking that I should start small and simple. I do have a couple of ideas along those lines. Back in September, I wrote rules for a game. There was a fairly big contest for creating a new 2 player rummy game. Whoever won the contest would get a contract to get their game published. I wrote these rules for a game that could have been a possible entry. However, I put my effort into making my failed Zombie game instead. I am thinking of revisiting this concept. We can begin play testing the game using card we already have from other games, and if it works I have some visual design ideas that I could actually pull off and make the game look good. The problem is that I tend not to like Rummy games, and Abigail tends not to like games about fighting. This is a rummy game about fighting. . .

I also have a game idea about gladiator combat, that I created several years ago. I still think the idea is sound and some of the concepts unique. Abigail and I played a rough prototype a couple of times and there are some kinks to work out, but it is a card/dice game so it would be easier to make than some other ideas.

I have also had two VERY vivid dreams about playing games that do not exist. The first was a card game based off a comic book series I am reading called Victorian Undead. This mini-series is about Sherlock Holmes and Zombies. In the game I dreamed of, cards were layed out to make a board of London. It is a two player game, one plays Sherlock Holmes/police and the other plays Moriarty. Each player has a deck of cards. The good deck is used to remove zombie cubes from London, and narrow down the location of Moriarty. The evil deck is used to put zombie cubes on London cards and move Moriarty. Holmes wins if the Zombies are cleared from the board or Moriarty is caught. Moriarty wins if London is over-run by Zombies or so many turns pass. In the dream playing the game was very vivid and I can still picture the components in detail, but not all of the rules are clear.

The other vivid game dream is very exciting. In this dream, I played a board game version of Race for the Galaxy. Race for the Galaxy is the most played game for Abigail and I. I remember in detail how to play this game from my dream, and I began writing down the rules. I think it would be a very fun and solid game, but this has the same problem of my starship game idea, in that it is a much bigger game to produce. Component wise the game requires 56 planet discs, 40 cards, a board, player boards, VP counters, and a lot of wood cubes. Abigail is very excited about the possibility of this game, but in the interest of fulfilling my goal of creating a game from start to finished, "professional-ish" product then I should start off small, and put this more ambitious idea on the back burner.

What do you think?


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