Friday, March 05, 2010

My Latest Posession Obsession

From time to time, I get a little obsessive about obtaining something. When this happens, I spend a lot of time researching, looking up stuff about it, and generally thinking about it a lot. It tends that these possession obsession are always for periphery wants, stuff that may be a flop. Some times these wants are huge successes. Then other times. . . not so much.

So the latest thing that has caught my eye is this:

The Games of War: A Treasury of Rules for Battles with toy soldiers, ships, and planes, is a book that basically a book that allows for just about any toys to become a war game. Pictures of people playing with rules from this book just confirms how awesome I think it is:



Typically the reason why I obsess over getting things like this instead of just buying them, is I am unsure if I will actually get to enjoy them. For example, I am not sure if Abigial will EVER play a game using the rules from this book. She will play a complex Hex and Counter Sci-fi war game and like it, but miniatures even when simple and quick is a road she is hesitant to travel down. Though, while it would be nice I do not want this book to play with Abigail. My desire for wanting to get this, was really prompted by my dad.

You see for Christmas, my dad got Connor a set of bowling balls and pins. The thing is that these bowling pins are like three times his current size. They are gigantic. The recommend age on the is three, and even if he uses them early, it will still be years. Under Connor's crib there are toys still in boxes that he is all to young to play with. Some of them will sit in boxes for up to 12 months as well.

I want this book, because I want to use it to play with Connor. The idea of going to the dollar store, buying some army men, and then going to the park with some dice and a day of warfare sounds great :)

Of course there are couple of issues with this. First, it will be years seven or eight minimum, before this book can be used to its full effect. Plus there is the issue, of there is no guarantee that he would even like to do something like play a miniatures war game.

I know it is kind of like counting eggs before they hatch, putting the cart before the horse, etc but it can not be helped to think about it. I have thought of several things that I am looking forward to do with Connor.

I am looking forward to playing catch with him. I really do not care what kind of ball he prefers (I am personally pulling for frisbee but I know because of his grand parents he will have a baseball glove at a very early age).

I am looking forward to taking martial arts lessons with him.

I am looking forward to reading comic books with him. The added bonus of this is that comics have been shown to increase literacy, but I like the idea of going to the comic book store together, then reading them together and talking about the latest adventures of Batman or Spiderman or Green Lantern or Captain America or whoever.

Along the same lines, I am excited about reading the Chronicles of Narnia to him.

Even though his mom isn't signed on to this yet, I am really looking forward to some day getting him a go-kart.

This doesn't include the hundreds of little things, like catching fireflies with him on a summer day, or building a tent with sheets and chairs.

I know that some of these things that I am hoping will be "us" things may never happen, and that is ok. If just one of them comes to pass that will be great. I know it is possible that he turns out having exactly opposite interest of me, and that is fine. Right now, just seeing him smile pretty much makes my day, so doing something with him that he finds joy in will probably make my week. And I can't wait to do that, no matter what it is.

But anyway back to this book that is my current possession obsession. I have read everything there is to read about it on boardgamegeek as well as . I even read the entire first chapter on google books. It is really to the point that I am going to have to fulfill my possession obsession or let it go. On the one hand, $26 does seem sort of expensive for something that just might get used several years down the road. Of course on the other hand, this book is essentially self published and in limited print so most likely it will not be available down the road. I know that Abigail will just role her eyes, but I imagine gratifying a hope of what may happen eventually is why "blow money" exist in the first place. . .


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