Monday, August 30, 2004

What I have done the past few days . . .

It is defiantly not an elaborate title, but the past few days have consisted of many events that I thought about posted but really weren't big enough to do so. Now they are all rolled up in one. On Friday, we started something at the Church called the Zone, it is basically a Friday night hangout/drop-in. It went really well, and it is cool because the new church pastor said it is something that needs to happen, and just took out scissors and cut through all of the church red tape to make it happen. The first night went well, but our ping-pong table (which was held together by duct-tape) has already died. Personally, I would like to get a ski ball machine to replace it but that is wishful thinking (and my google searches have shown it to be very hard to find a ski ball machine for sale, though extra thought while typing this I discovered that offically ski ball is called skee ball, so maybe I will have more luck). On Saturday I wrote my first paper in a year and half. Hopefully I did ok on it. Tonight was cool because I got to hang out with Abigail, you would think living together that would happen more often, but the Olympics were on for the past two weeks and that was literally watched every . . .single . . . night! So we watched a rented movie, walked to Wal-mart to play Ski-ball (Yes, our wal-mart has ski ball), and then to Dairy Queen. It was fun. I have also been playing a lot of Star Wars Battlefront. The demo is only one map, but I have done it over and over again. I really can not describe the absolute coolness of the game. If you have acces to a PS2 then you need to buy the latest OPM (it will have some rapper on the front) and play it. Just based off of the demo, I would have to say it is the perfect Star Wars game (though I have not played KoTR). But there are few things cooler than flying in formation on Speeder bikes, while music from Return of the Jedi is playing and then an AT-ST shoots the lead speeder bike and it explodes as a ball of flame in front of me as I fly under the AT-ST's legs and then shoot a Stormtrooper. Seriously just the thought of actually playing the battle of Hoth (way more than presented in Shadows of the Empire) makes me gleefully excited. I think I can honestly say that I am more excited about Battlefront coming out on the 21st than I am the origianal trilogy coming to DVD.


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