Friday, September 03, 2004

I should probably feel guilty

. .but I don't. Specifically I don't feel guilty about putting a braggart teenager in his place. As you may have previously read, on Friday nights at the church we are now letting teenagers hang out (there were 19 there tonight!) One of the main attractions for coming is playing X-box, which means Halo. So I was playing in on a game, and there was this one kid who was trash talking all over the place. Everytime he would kill someone he would be jumping up and down and get in people's face. So he sniped me and said that he was so much better than me. So I then proceeded to hand on him his newly plasma-fried butt over and over again (the absolute best was when he had got on a killing spree on Blood gulch from sniping and I walked up behind and whapped on the head, then took his sniper rifle and shot him when he respawned.) Though as a result of those games I am now regarded as some Halo superman and everytime someone killed me they acted as if David had just slew Goliath. I'll let the myth stand until the one guy who is on the football team can start coming and then I'm dead.

Also, today I applied for two jobs. The first is a part time teaching posistion where I would do 4th grade extended day, and the second one was a youth minsitry posistion at the church where my dad use to be at (Unity Chapel). Though for that the work out I would have to be allowed to work at both churhes at once because there is no way I could leave Old Capitol right now.


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