Thursday, October 21, 2004

Still Alive . . .

Or at least I was the last time checked. I don't have a lot to say. The past week and half or so was fairly calm and status quo. However I guess there a few things to note. Last Friday, the church got a new nine-in-one game table to replace the ping-pong table that broke. Thus far the youth really like it, especially pool. I wish that we could get a full pool table, but the room still has to be used for multipurpose. Incidently that same day the church's heating system quite literally exploded (well at least the pipes did). So on Sunday church was in the fellowship hall, and the all church alternative service was pushed back. However, the pastor still wanted me to use the announcement power point that I had made. So I took my computer in to do that, and in the ensuing hijinks the computer got messed up. Thankfully Stephen told me how to fix it. I am actually writing this at Abigail's parents house. She has fall break right now so we are visitng her family. and that is about it.


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