Monday, January 10, 2005

Revenge of the geek

If you know me, then you probably know I have a little obsession with a little story called Star Wars. Now really, I think it just barely counts as little obsession, especially compared to where it was like 5 years ago. However, I have recently indulged this obsession A LOT. First off, ever since I have been online enabled I have been playing a lot of Battlefront. . . probably to much. . . no actually I know to much. In addition to that I got some money for Christmas. I immediatly used some of it to get Knights of the Old Republic for the PC because target had it on sale (less than $15!). On Saturday we went to a bookstore. Theoretically we were suppose to be looking at stuff for a hypothetical trip to Scotland which Abigail did. However, I could not resist the siren call of Star Wars comics. So I read the entire Infinties series, which is where they take a small detail from the movies and change it. For example for a New Hope, Luke fails to destroy the Death Star. He then goes to Train with Yoda while Leia becomes evil. Eventually Leia and luke face off and, in the end Yoda crashes the Death Star on the Emperor's head. I also read vol. 1 of the Clone Wars. Finally, more money I was given for Christmas who couldn't find anything I would like was used to buy Star Wars novels, which is something I have wanted to do for some time. I got Republic Commando: Hard Contact which is a tie in to the upcoming video game and Dark Rendezvous which features Yoda. In addition to that, Wal-mart had a new batch of Star wars figures including random Cantian aliens. I can not pass up random aliens so I got Myo (a Cyclopes alien who appears for about 1.2 seconds in the cantina). This is a big deal because it is only like the 6th figure I have bought in about a year and a half. Finally, I have not been able to play it yet, but for Christmas Abigail got me the Star Wars minatures starter set. This is a collecitble game like Mech Warrior. I have read the rules and it is basically the d20 rpg system devoid of the roleplaying elements and streamlined for combat. If it turns out Abigail will play it with me ever, it very well could become very addicting.


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