Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What makes computers work?

The answer to the question is smoke. Because when the smoke leaves the computer it stops working. I sadly, now know this from experience because on Saturday our computer blew smoke and stopped working. Apperently, the power supply burn out/blew up/ committed Hara-Kiri I am not sure which but it is definatly and literally fried. The good news is that according to one computer expert person, when the power supply goes it usually does not damage anything else. We should get a replacement power supply in less than two weeks then we will know. For the time being, I brought back my computer from church (which is the old one I used during college).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! You're right, dude. Smoke is the answer. I read on wiredweed.com that the they use a pretty old 'actual-hippie' type of pot to get those suckers to run, though. ;)

4:51 PM  

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