Thursday, December 02, 2004

I am uncultured savage

Or at least that is what you might think after reading the following. Basically, I consider stage productions and especially musical theater an inferior art form to cinema. I have always thought this, but was reminded of this last night when I went with Abigail to see Chicago. Compared to the storytelling and production values of the cinematic version the stage production was found despertly wanting. Now one could respond, "of course it was better they had more money, weren't confied to a stage and could do as many takes as they needed to get it perfect." And that is exactly why Cinema is better. In my opinon all art has three purposes. 1) To tell/communicate a story 2) to entertain 3) This is optional but it is what can set apart that extrodinary from everything else, and that is to somehow express or discuss a deeper truth on the human condition. A movie has the ability to do these three things far better than any stage production. I am aware that someone could argue that I am missing the point, that what makes the stage so great to see is the talent displayed by the actors. I am not belittling the actors I can be amazed by and appreciate their talents but still not find their story very compelling or entertaining.

You might also think Iam uncultured savage by the fact that I think musicals by their very nature suck (the only musicals I have enjoyed are Godspell, The Lion King, and to a degree Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,but that one is probably due more to how it was done than to anything else). Needless to say, I didn't care to much for Chicago (considering that I really don't like the basic story of it anyway), but Abigail did and we went for her anyway so it is all good.


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As you know, I dislike musicals more than most people. But I do want to add one to your list. Jesus Christ Superstar!! The music is awesome. I can just listen to the soundtrack over and over. But on the whole, musicals kinda suck. If you wanna do a play, do a play, tell a story, but do NOT randomly break into song. I'd go to a concert if I wanted to watch music.

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