Thursday, July 21, 2005

I will be back, I promise!

This past week has been odd. It has mainly been full of packing, getting sick of packing, but then not having much to do because just about everything is packed away. I have mostly filled that extra down time by capturing the flag as a Bren wielding Brit in Call of Duty: Finest Hour ( a game that Abigail lovingly got for me). We also went to the Drive-in last week and saw Willy Wonka and the Charlie Factory along with Batman Begins. Both movies are excellent and both movies are better than their predcessors. Yes, I realize most people will think I am on crack for saying that about Willy Wonka, but I am sticking to that (though Gene Wilder delievered a better preformance than Johnny Depp).
Anyway, tomorrow is moving day! Tomorrow we load up the truck and leave Corydon for good. I will not say I am never coming back here again, because then it would just become ironic forshadowing like it does for Luke Skywalker and Tatooine.
Due to moving, I am going to be without internet access for awhile. We won't have it hooked up at our new place until July 29th. That is also the day I am leaving with the youth group at Epworth to go to Cedar Point (w00t!). I then return on the 31st and immediatly drive to Beford to direct a summer camp. I then come back the 6th and officially start my new job! Yeah, I am going to be busy! I will try to udpate on the 29th before I leave with a pic of the house but no promises on that one. Also, after we get our stuff mostly unpacked you can expect a photo tour.


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