Friday, July 15, 2005

Wow (or it is fun to follow links)

I think I vaguley remember hearing about this place at some point but exactly what it is and what it means didn't quite register. I would take the time to rant about it but someone else already did, said almost exaclty what I would have said, and I'm lazy, so read their thoughts
Along the same lines, they are finally making a Left Behind game, but I have already expressed my thoughts on that (2nd post from the top currently). Other people are critizing video games for a different reason. Appearently the makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at one point considered an interactive sex scene in the game, but cut it out. However, the source code remained locked in the game and in the PC version a mod makes it available. This has politians all up in arms. Instead of acting like responsible people the teenager gamers (and probably a lot of non teenager gamers) start proving that video games do make people violent. I'm just curious if there was a rated R DVD that had a graphic sex scene cut out but then made a hidden Easter Egg, would there be this much complaining?
Finally I got myself in trouble this week when I read an old article from Housekeeping Monthly that basically expressed a good wife always knows her place. When I shared it with Abigail she wasn't amused (well actually she was)


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