Friday, October 14, 2005

Sounds like a good reason to upgrade . . .

Serious Sam II is coming out (finally, I remember Stephen talking about a sequel junior year). Now I believe it only on PC and X-box, but just the introductory paragraph from this review has me sold:

Don't bother looking for some high-concept, genre-busting masterpiece in Serious Sam II. You won't find any fancy bullet time, night vision, friendly squads to control, or lame cut-scenes trying to push character development and storytelling. Here's what you do get, though: dynamite-toting clowns on unicycles, kung fu cadavers, wind-up rhinos, zombie stockbrokers, witches, pit bulls, spandex-clad kamikaze bombers, football-playing orcs, and a giant mutated mechanical lizard that chomps cigars and launches rockets.

Any of you with an X-box or Uber graphics card in the P.C. please let me know how this game is. To steal from the daily show, here is your moment of Zen.
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Blogger lomn said...

My whole purchase decision will swing on online co-op play, as LAN co-op (and being correspondingly late for SFam) is what endeared the first to Rusty and I.

7:22 AM  

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