Thursday, January 12, 2006


So if you know me at all, then you know I love playing games. Fortuantly for Christmas I got a few, including what is now my official favorite board game ever, but we will get there. I did get a few new video games for Christmas. Abigail gave me Red Faction 2, the truly awesome Mercenaries, and Risk so I can play it whenever I want without her (::sniff::) I have had the most fun though, with Jak X: Combat Racing
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I got to play it online last night with my brother and it was a blast (I actually one a few races to!)

As good as video games are, I also got a few board games, and there is nothing more fun than a good board game. One of the games Star Wars Risk (seriously, is there a better combination?), I have not been able to play yet, but this weekend it might happen. I also got Abigail a Head to Head Poker game, and it is a decent way for two people to play poker against each other. In a lot of ways it feels like it was made for married couples. Finally, for Christmas I got what might be the best game ever: Memoir '44
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As you can probably guess by the picture, it is a World War II game. The game uses moveable hexes to configure maps, so that real battles can be simulated. What makes it great is the game is simple enough, that anyone can play yet it still has strategy. On top of that, there is a website that offers a ton of support (such as new scenerios, and I really, really want to try Achtung Zombies '44). So if anyone is ever up for a game (of anything really), you know where to find me.


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