Thursday, May 11, 2006

Switching Sides . . .

First . . . apologies for not posting here in such a long time. For the past two weeks, I have really had video games on my mind (more than usual). I have not updated here for two weeks, but over here, I have updated close to every other day (certain people do not want me blogging about games very much).

Anyway, this week is E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in the world of video games this is the big week where all of the new stuff is announced and shown for the first time. I have been following it fairly closely. I have listened to daily podcasts, I watched an Nintendo Press conference live, and I downloaded the microsoft one (yes I am a nerd, leave me alone). Anyway, what has emerged from this is that in the next generation of video game consoles I am getting an X-box 360 over a PS3. There are several reasons why I am abandoning Sony and joining in with the evil empire

The first is the price. The PS3 is going to cost $600. $600!!!! The reason for this high cost is because the PS3 is a blu-ray player. If you are a tech-head then you know that a next-gen DVD format war is brewing with Blu-Ray and HD-DVD being the contenders. I am still trying to upgrade all of my movies from VHS to DVD, so I really don't care about a new media format that I need a high def TV to enjoy in the first place. I want a gaming machine and that is it.

The 2nd is X-box live. I love to play games online, and X-box live is the absolute best way to do it. From my understanding it is completly worth the subscription fee. On top of that, I love the idea of the Marketplace. This allows classic games like Pac-Man to be bought for a low cost. It also includes original games like Geometry Wars and puzzle games AJ loves like Zuma. In addition to that, Microsoft is posistioning it to be the "Sundance" of video games and allow independent, small developers to experiment and share their creations. Plus I have real friends who have a 360, so I can play with them (Stephen check out ShadowRun)

The third reason is games. I have always been a bit of an oddity in that First person shooters are my favorite type of games yet I have a PS2 over an X-box (which is considered the FPS haven). While, I have enjoyed PS2 games, there are not a lot of games that really tie me to the system. A lof the Playstation big name exclusive games (Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 3, Final Fantasy XIII) are games I do not care a lot about. Now, by switching to the X-box I will miss out on Killzone 2, which I was pumped about (and it looks good too!)
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While, I won't get to play Killzone I will get to play equally awesome looking games like the X-box exclusive Gears of War
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Not to mention that X-box is also the home of this awesome guy:
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However, most of the games that I care about the most, are 3rd party games available on both systems.

The final element that really shifted me to go X-box 360 is the opinion of a professional. John Davison is a former Editor in Chief for the Official Playstation Magazine. He then went on to be the man in charge of I sent him a message asking which system I should get if my primary concern is to have the most fun playin games, and he answered that in his opinion it was hands down the X-box. In November the price of the 360 will most likely drop from $400 to $350, and we are beginning to save now so when that happens we can get one.


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