Sunday, June 11, 2006

So Busy . . .

It is insane how busy I have been! Last week, my sister got married (yay Kristen!) This past week was extremely busy as well. On Tuesday I went to a graduation in Hammond, then on wednesday I had a major youth work day, then on Thursday and Friday I represented my church at the United Methodist Annual Conference (think of a church buisness meeting for over 600 churches!) However, I left that early to go Carrie's Wedding in New Albany (curiously she get married in the same church as Kristen). We had to come back late Saturday night because at church on Sunday I was in charge of the 11 am service (it was designed to be youth-centric), and I preached at it. In this comming week I have to get to Bloomington to pick up a van, and then on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the church has a Fish Fry that I have to help extensivly with. Next Sunday I will be leaving to go on a Jr. High trip (and I will spend about 24 hours in a van with Jr. High students). I will get back from that on Wednesday, and then I will have to prepare for the next week because I am the storyteller for VBS, and After VBS ends I will be leaving with the Sr. High to go to a mission trip on the Cayman Islands, and it is July. Yes, this is a crazy month!


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