Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Job Update

I have not talked about my job in a good while. Actually for the past few months my posting in general has been down, because my job has been so busy! I have a lot going on, and for those interested here is what is brewing:

The youth group actually meets at a house that the church owns. However, the house is rather sterile and plain. I have been given permission (and money!) to make the basment into a proper youth group room. The youth decided on a beach theme and have made curcial design decisions all along the way. Everything is coming together and we will assemble the room on June 7th. Then on June 18th I take the Jr. High to Heifer Ranch in Perryville Arkansas for a camp/mission trip. Including myself there are 19 going, so that should be cool. Then not to long after that the Sr. High is taking a mission trip to Cayman Islands. I have mentioned before, but I am a little nervous about this trip. Not because I think it is going to fail, because we are in very, very capable hands as far as contact in the Cayman Islands go is helping us plan everything. I am nervous just because of the scope of this trip! Taking 32 people on an international trip is huge, and quite honestly feels to big to be the kind of stuff that a 25 year old like me is suppose to be in charge of. I am not all that worried though, because if God truly did not want us to go on this trip there is no way the financial and logistical obstacles this trip presents would have been conquored already as they have. Later in July, two traditions that started when I was in college, and I continued at Old Capitol, will be continued here. The first is making bad action movies, and in july the youth group here will make one, and the second is Kung-Fu night. Speaking of making movies, out an act of desperation, I decided to get experimental with the Junior High Sunday School class by having them design a video based curriculum. They pick the scripture, make a video about it, and then come up with disucssion questions for the video. They finished their first one last week, and it is not to bad.

In addition to all of that, I have several things already brewing for next fall. We are planning a White Water Rafting trip over labor day in North Carolina, it will be a big trip but it is one they have done several times in the past. As a form of community outreach we are going to be starting a free SAT study group. Appearently, this is a rising need among parents to have available to their teens, so a free one will be very appealing we hope. Finally, and this might be the biggest, in the Fall we are going to completely restructure the way the youth group works. There are not enough Sr. High to divide them off from the Jr. High completely, but we are going to half divide. Group acitivites like games will be done together, but discussion/teaching moments will be done by age group. This will present some unique scheduling challenges, but if I can recruit one more dedicated volunteer then I know we can pull it off.


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