Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hindsight really is 20/20

So Abigail and I just finished watching United 93. In case you missed it, this is the dramization of the flight that crashed in the Pennsylvania field. The movie is 100% pure brilliant cinema. It takes what by all accounts is an absolutly amazing story of human courage, and portrays it in the absolute most realistic way possible. This is seen even down to the word spoken. The people talk like real people, stumbling over words, repeating themselves, getting easily excited,etc. Watching United 93 is a sobering experience.

Of course watching that movie caused me to think of the fall out of that one horrid day, and sadly the truly horrid was still to come. I can agree with military action in Afghanistan, that was the most visible and viable source of terrorism that we could identify, and we went for the juglar with good success. However, our nebulous and impossible war of terrorism took an ugly turn.

I once wrote that I "reluctantly" supported the idea of war in Iraq. I can now look back at myself and say WTF?!?
Just thinking about the crap that is going on in Iraq is getting me frustrated and angry. So many people are dying on both sides and for what? Bush's stupid-ass war is creating terrorists not fighting them. I know that I am not the first to make these remarks, but the current conflict in Iraq is quickly turning into another Vietnam. We are fighting a war for a vague idealogical cause, we have no clear cut objective, and we are fighting in a land that our armed forces are not personally invested in (and thus do not feel a need to truly protect it). Even if some sort of viable exit strategy is put into place, and the US pulls out of Iraq. What did we acomplish? Yes, Saddam Hussein is out of power, and that is a good thing, but honestly are we going to leave Iraq a better place than we found it?
The war in Iraq was a mistake, a bitter, terrible mistake with long reaching consequences. Now that we started this mess, we as a country our obligated to see it through. However, I so despertly wish that our country's leadership would accept responsibility for their mistake (and complete, blantant misleading of the American public. Seriously, where are those mobile biological weapon units that we saw on satelite?). Seriously the whole thing would be down right frustrating, if it were not so tragically, heart breaking sad. . .


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