Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In Memory of My Best Year of Gaming

It ended a week ago actually. It was just over a year ago that I took my current job and moved to Indianapolis. One of the coolest perks about this move was that my brother now only lived 2 miles away from me! For the past year we played games together at least once a week (often two or three times). It was so much fun to play together. Nearly always we would play on the same side and destroy computer bots. I wager that our combine kill count from the past year is somewhere close (if not over 10,000). This carnage and fun could not continue though. Last week he moved to Colorado to begin Graduate school. Here is a top five list in memory of my brother:

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Top Five Games I Enjoyed playing with my brother

5. Medal of Honor Rising Sun
Sadly there were not any WWII games for the PS2 with bots that allowed us to shoot Nazis. However, we got buy well enough with shooting the Japanese. We always played with Rifles (Shotgun, M1, and Springfield), took on four Japanese, and won. Our favorite levels was probably Calmput Chaos (though Boxcar Brawl and the baseball field were also played a good deal).

4. Smuggler's Run
Since my brother does not like fighting games and I do not like sports games, we mostly stuck to playing shooters. However, this is the one non-shooter we played the most. Multiplayer in smuggler's run was way more fun than it probably should have been. The concept is still solid (Rockstar, please make a next-gen online smuggler's run!) and using the sports car on the snow levels never ceased to be hilarious.

3. Killzone
This game got a lot of play. Actually I can look at my brother's statistics and telly out that over the course of the year we played a 132 multiplayer games for almost nineteen hours. I think the vast majority of those 132 games were done on the level the park, usually in Assault.

2. Timesplitter's: Future Perfect
Over the course of the year we put 18 hours into Timesplitters (and 209 games). Even though we played Killzone a bit more, I enjoyed this one more because we played a decent amount of games on maps I made. However, most of gaming was done on the regular maps. Our favorites were CTF on Temple, Elimination on Siberia, and Assault on Vietnam.

1. Star Wars Battlefront 2
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This game does not keep track of time like the others do, but I gurantee it is at least double of the other games. We played this game more than any other. Quite honestly, I do not think I can ever play this game again without him because it just would not be the same. We played all of the levels a lot in every concieveable way. I would say our favorites would be Polis Masa, Dagobah, and Mustafar.

Where he is living in Colorado he will have broadband internet. I am hoping that he gets a 360 and we can start some new gaming memories with Perfect Dark Zero and GRAW. If not then on some nights my 360 will sit unused while I boot the PS2 up to play some Battlefront 2 online with him!


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Awww, I feel so special. A list dedicated to me....and video gaming...I'm okay with sharing that. Anyway, step one complete. High Speed internet now installed and working. Step two is getting my video game system online. Hopefully in the near future (ie. within a month or so).

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