Thursday, August 10, 2006

Much Doings

I have had a rather eventful past two weeks. Last week I was a volunteer camp director for 5th/6th grade camp. There were only fifteen campers there this year. Despite having to take a kid to the emergency room, everything went well enough. However, the adminstrators who over see the camp were very, very ineffectual in giving the basic support they are suppose to give. I had zero information on the camp until like four days before it started. As a result, this was my last year to direct a camp. On Sunday I attended the Brickyard 400. For the most part I do not care a whole lot for NASCAR, but once a year it really is fun to watch cars drive really fast in a circle 160 times. In case you care Jimmy Johnson one, and it was a good race to watch. Finally, last night I got back from a youth group trip to Cedar Point. This was cool for me because a year ago the very first thing I did at Epworth was go on a trip to Cedar Point. Last year only five youth went. This year twenty went! Unlike last year, I got to ride the Top Thrill Dragster (420 ft high, 120 mph fast). It was a cool thrill, but the best roller coaster in my mind at Cedar Point (and possibly ever) is still Millenium Force, that thing is awesome. Other than that I have probably been putting a tad to much time into playing Oblivion
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I have never played a game that is so imersive and incredible. If the game allowed me to wonder around the world with another person it would be perfect! Since I promised a certain someone that I would not go on about video games in this blog, you can read more of my thoughts about the game here.

The next few weeks won't be to bad. I have a LOT of work to do has school is getting ready to start for teenagers and I have to gear up for Fall youth group stuff. This begin with a lock-in on the 25th and a white water rafting trip over Labor Day weekend, and right after that Seminary classes start!


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