Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Next 4 months of my life . . .

Yes I did completely steal the title, so what?

I have not posted in the past, what three weeks is it now. . . for several reasons. First and formost, because I was playing Oblivion like a crackfiend. I really wanted to "beat" it before seminary started. I would go on at some leangth at the awesomeness of that game, but I already did that here. I was also busy with a youth group trip to go camping and white water rafting in North Carolina. I also have been busy, with starting seminary. My first week of classes is over so I am for sure a graduate student. I am just full time at 9 hours, but here is my schedule such as it is:

Tuesday and Thursday 10:45-Noon: Introduction to Theology. I think this class is going to fully encapsulate everything I had hoped seminary would be and everything I feared it would be. The class today was by far the fastest 75 minute class I have ever sat in. It was a fascinating exchange of ideas, with a professor who had an almost Keating like way of pulling the best thoughts out of students. On the flip side, to me the study of Systematic Theology is quickly beginning to look like something that will make me uneasy. It is as if the discipline takes a faith as a whole, removes all of the faith, and then over-analyzes what is left. Despite, some concerns I do think the class will be interesting.

Tuesday 2:15-5:00: Introduction to New Testment: I think this class is going to be very good, and the professor seems excellent. He puts a rather big emphasis on pastoral ministry, which is cool because that keeps everything from being academic, the down side is there is A LOT of reading for this class (actually a lot of reading over all I have over 22 books to read this semester!)

Wednesday 8:30-11:15 Spiritual Autobiography and Christian Ministry. This is a required class for everyone and it's main idea is to examine spirituality and spiritual practices. I think it is a cool concept, esepcially when everything else is so academic. I also like the fact that entire class is based around small groups.

Mondays are exclusivly for working at church. I also get church work done on Tuesday morning (I am there early for Younglife and Staff Meatings), Wedensday afternoons, and Thursday mornings. Hopefully I will be able to get everything done in that time frame.

Then on Fridays I will probably do some of that dreaded substitute teaching crap. I hate doing it, but it is an easy $55 a day to help pay for seminary and there is time in the day that I can do some of my reading.


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