Monday, November 13, 2006

Seminary Update

There is only about one month left in my first semester of seminary, and only this week did I finally manage to fall behind on the mountain of reading. I consider that a fairly impressive feat. If you want to know the primary reason why I fell behind, and what I have been doing for fun the past week just check here. So far my classes are going really well. In New Testament, I thought I was doomed to a B because every single paper (of which there are several) I could only manage to get a high B grade (86-89%). That changed last week, when I got my take home midterm back. I got 200 points out of a possible 175. There was not any official extra credit for this test, he just liked my answers so much that he gave me extra points. This is exciting because I am now only 8 points away from a perfect score in that class, so I have a little breathing room but sadly the only way I can go is down. In SPAM (that is Spiritual Autobiography and Ministry) my first paper was a little rough (and apperently that exeperience was across the board). However, last week I had to take part in a group presentation and we got an A. On top of that my class participation (which is a decent part of the grade) has to be satisfactory, so I think I am ok in that class right now. In Theology, I do not know because the one paper I have turned in thus far, I have not got back because the professor lost it and I had to turn in another copy.
Also, I have registered for classes for the spring semester. I will be taking Intro to Old Testament, Church History: Reformation to Present, and Baptism and Confirmation. I am a little confused on how a class about baptims and confirmation can last an entire semester, but hopefully it will be enjoyable. My schedule for next semester will be a lot like this one only on Wednesday instead of having a morning class, I will have a afternoon class.


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