Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Board Game Pre-Orders

So my last post was about video games I am looking to get this year, so this one is about board games I am looking to get this year. We will most likely be getting more than five board games this year, but we already have five board games pre-ordered. The reason for pre-ordering these games is, for the most part, an economic one. For most of these games, if a person pre-orders them then they get the game for a cheaper price. Once a set number of people pre-order the game the company then commits to printing the game, charges the pre-orders, and uses that money to pay for the print run. This set up seems like a win all around. Companies lose a lot of the risk involved in printing a new game, consumers get to vote with their dollars, and get games at a discounted price. The games will be listed with how long we have had them pre-ordered.

Iron and Oak
I pre-ordered this game back in September, and of the games we have pre-ordered it is the one most likely not to come out this year. The game company, GMT games, needs at least 500 games pre-ordered before they will think about producing it, and Iron and Oak only has 412 pre-orders.
This is a tactical naval combat game set during the American Civil War. This means that in the game players control individual boats. I really like the idea of a tactical naval game, and we have one Wooden Ship and Iron Men. However, Abigail does not care much for that game because facing matters, players have to visualize movement, and it is fairly deterministic. Iron and Oak is a lighter game. Combat takes place on a 3 x 3 grid, so scale is abstracted. Plus the game has cards that influence combat and requires rolling a lot of dice. Other light war games that Abigail likes (Memoir 44, Trench Zone, and Manouvere) have those same characteristics. If this game sounds good to you, please pre-order it so it has a better chance of coming out this year.

Eminent Domain
The reason for pre-ordering this game was a little bit different. They used a website called Kickstarter.com to gain funding. Last year there was another game that used this website, called Alien Frontiers, it was critically acclaimed and it sold out of the print run before it was ever released. We wanted to make sure the same thing did not happen with this game, so we backed it and funded it (which also purchased our copy of the game).
This game has a sci-fi real estate theme. However, what sold us is this game has deck building like Dominion, and phase/role selection mechanics like Race for the Galaxy. Dominion and Race for the Galaxy are two of our favorite games, so anything that mixes the two is a must get for both of us.

Sun of York
This game has been on the pre-order list of GMT for a long time, but it is tentatively set to be released this July.
Sun of York is a tactical card game about the English Civil War. We both tend to like card games, so that it is a plus. Before pre-ordering I read the rules and watched a video demonstration. I think this is a game that I am really going to like.

Boots on the Ground

This is one of the games that I am most excited about getting this year. Boots on the Ground is a modern warfare game. Players control a squad of special force troops, and the game controls insurgents. This game seems like it will be very accessible but do a really good job at capturing the theme. One of the big appeals to this game is that it can be played in multiple ways. It can be played solo, co-op, competitively, and versus.

Zombie War
This is my most recent pre-order. The game is called Zombie War, how could I resist it? The game focuses on the world wide response to a zombie outbreak, much like the book World War Z or the game Zombie State. However, unlike most Zombie games, this a zombie game for Euro game fans. Each turn, players play a different role (like Government or Military). Each role has their own abilities and ways to score points. On the next turn, players switch roles, and who ever earns the most points wins. The victory point based game play sounds like something Abigail will like, and I like Zombies. This should be a winner.


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