Thursday, March 01, 2012

Double the Updates

So February was a busy month.  A really busy, very long month.  That is one of the reasons why it has been a month and a half since I have written an update.  The other reason is because with the time I have had, Abigail and I have been busy playing through all of our games, and I have been busy writing about them. So I do have a couple of blog posts I hope to make this month, but for now I want to update some previous posts:

Update 1:
Original Post:  Comic Books and Comic Books Part 2

So I have stuck with DC's New 52.  Back in September I had checked out eight of the new titles.  I am down to regularly reading four (and  it even comes out to one a week).  I read the comics one month behind their release, because after a month they drop in price on the iPad.  My favorite remains to Batgirl
I really like the "vulnerable super hero" approach.  She has enough confidence to dress up and fight crime, but is often doubting herself and second guessing how she has done things.  This less than perfect approach is refreshing and the first story arc was absolutely excellent.

In September, I also stated that I was  going to read the first story arc for both Batman and Detective comics.  The first Batman arc is still ongoing, but the Detective comics arc ended in December.  I am going to be sticking with Batman over Detective comics.  I liked the tone of Detective comics better, but the story telling and characterization in Batman is just much better.

Of the original eight titles that I tried, the only other one that I am still reading is All-Star Western.   I really like the pulp-feel of this comic book.  The first two story arcs have Jonah Hex, a Western bounty hunter, out of his element in a gaslight lit Gotham City.  The first story arc was fantastic and the second story arc has not been afraid to steer towards the fantastical which helps with the pulp-feel of the book.  All Star Western also has a back up story each issue, and these have been good as well.

Finally, I added Swamp Thing recently.
 Every week, I read the DC comics previews and I skim reviews.  Each month Swamp thing is intriguing and gets high reviews.  I finally, read the first five issues and I am in for a while anyway.  The story line is setting up for an epic good vs. evil confrontation. I do not know how well they can keep up the rising action before a climax, and then I do not know where they will go.  The first five issues though, were fantastic and I will be reading this one for awhile.

Update #2
Original Post:  To Boldly Go
Back in November I blogged about a space theme that was really going on then, and that has continued.  I have slowed down on my Star Trek watching a little bit.  I am towards the end of season 5 of the Next Generation, and I have skipped around a lot less.  However, if an episode sound really boring I will still bypass it.  After finishing The Next Generation,  I think I am going to move on to Deep Space Nine.  I have also read over six years worth of Star Trek: TNG comic books.  With a couple of exceptions when the story lines were terrible, the comic books have actually told better stories than the TV show.  I have really enjoyed reading them, and after I finish The Next Generation series, I will move on to original series comics.

I mentioned in November that I would soon be playing Space Empires 4X.  I did get to play the game and it was not bad.  A large part of the game is played with a spread sheet.  It felt like a computer game where I was doing the work the computer normally did.  I enjoyed playing the game, but I did not love it.  A couple of weeks ago I did get to play Federation Commander, and I did love that game.  A lot actually.  Federation Commander had everything I wanted in a tactical star ship game.  I really hope I get to play it again soon.  However, I know that Abigail will never play that game with me.  In an attempt to find a tactical starship game that Abigail would play with me, I got the starter  set for Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics.
We both thought the game was OK, but neither of us were really smitten by it.  The game has a blind booster pack model, and that is enough to ensure that we will not be getting anymore.  I think that I am just going to have to find other people to find Star ship games with.  Along those lines, after the November post, one of my friends contacted me about playing a Starfire Ultra game.  However, right after getting the files our computer died and we did not replace it for over a month.  Since then I have been busy either with work, Connor, or playing games with Abigail.  I kind of dropped the ball on that one, but I hope to pick it back up soon.

Finally, because I have been so busy I have not finished my Warcosm supplement that I mentioned in November.  I am over half done though, but it is on the back burner right now.