Thursday, September 30, 2004

Top Ten Battlefront Moments

Yes, I am still talking about Star Wars Battlefront. It will definatly become one of my all time favorite games, because it is really awesome, and I have to share the love. Be warned, the geekiness of this post is through the roof, so if you do not expose yourself to such things or are incapable of reading such things, just stop

10. Playing as a droideka and rolling down a street in Theed just to pop out and turn on the shield and start blasting everyone.
9. Street fighting in Mos Eisley. Imagine what would happen if you made a Star Wars version of Blackhawk Down and you will know what this level feels like.
8. Stealing an AT-ST Chewbacca style
7. Playing the battle of Genonosis as a clone trooper and advancing with a bunch of other clones into an advancing group of battle droids, while Episode II music is playing. It looked and souned exactly like the movie!
6. Shooting Jawas
5. Only slighltly more fun shooting Ewoks
4. Playing as a scout trooper and taking a speeder bike through Endor
3. Most satisfying of all, shooting Gungans
2. Destroying the shield generator. Not only destroying the shield generator, but first shooting down a snow speeder and then the shield generator, once again with the music and thinking this is just like the movie.
1. Holding a command post with little health, and hopelessly outnumbered but being able to survive because your sniper wife has your back. Co-op rocks!

Speaking of Star Wars, I got the DVD set (like I would be able to wait). While, I have not watched them to see the new changes I did watch the Episode III special features, and I was sad because there were two of them but not one scene of actual, for real Episode III footage. However, they did show quite a bit of practicing and actual takes with a green screen of the fight between Obi-wan and Anikan, and just from that short bit it definatly looks like it will be the best lightsaber fight ever. Hopefully the rest of the movie will be decent too.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Mission Acomplished!

For any long time readers (riight) you are aware of my continued and unwavering mission to convert Abigail to a gamer. It started with Burnout 2 and from there I was able to get her to play the rather simplistic space invaders. I thought that Abigail's gaming interst was going to max out at Hack-n-slash co-op, but I was wrong. She actually likes Star Wars Battlefront! In fact she spent about 2 hours tonight playing it all by herself. This is very important for two reasons. Outside of Tetris and Solitare she never plays games by herself, and Battlefront is a FPS and up until now she would not play first person shooters with me. This gets me giddy with assignment because we could hypothetically (and finally. .. ) get get a broadband connection, then we could play battlefront together online and be Clan Johnson.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I got a teaching job!

. . . well technically. Starting on Oct. 6th I will be teaching extended day for 4th, 5th, 0r 6th graders. This is an after school program to help with reading/reading comprehension. However, I will be in charge of the kids and in charge of what is being taught, so it is real teaching just 4 hours a week. At least it is better than nothing . . .

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Halo one and a half

Well not really, but it is another Halo game that isn't Halo 2. Specifically it is a Halo Sidescolling game (like the old school nintendo, where you walk in a straight line across the screen). It is not "real" in that it is liscensed and all that, but Microsoft does not about it and lets it exist. Right now just a demo exist. It is called Halo: Blood Covneant and is kind of fun to play (and it is free) if you are one of the people anxiously awaiting Nov. 9th it might help. You can d/l the game at

Monday, September 13, 2004

Be a Political Pundit

Believe it or not, I am actually one of those scant few people who is still rather undecided in the upcoming presidential election. So if you would like please tell me why I should vote for the particular canidate you support, but before you start telling me why Bush sucks, here are my current thoughts on both canidates:

I have major issues with Bush. Specifically 1. The Patriot act, I don't think that the gradual raping of civil liberties is necessary for national security. 2. Financially unresponsible. Say what you may about Clinton and the Republican revolution, but they did balance the budget and I think that is a very, very good thing. However, in less than two years President Bush went from a budget surplus to the biggest debt in history. Yes, I know part of that can be blamed on a lagging economy, but still Bush does bare some of the blame. 3. Vodoo economics. Reganomics do not work, when money trickles down it never ever, ever reaches the bottom. You can go right ahead and tell me I am wrong about this, and we will just agree to disagree but Bush's tax policy sucks bloated monkey butt. 4. Iraq-Yes, I did (and do) feel like it was a good idea to invade Iraq, however from the beginning I thought we should do it because it was the right thing to do, not because of national security. I feel that Bush, wether intentionally or unintentionally mislead the country by overinflating the danger of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Also, I believed him when he stated that his administration had very clear exit strategies for leaving Iraq, which is becoming apparent they do not.

So at this point, you are probably thinking I am a shoe-in for Kerry, but that is not so I do have some problems with him as well, and those mainly morality problems. The biggest one I have is with his stance of gay marriage. Kerry supports legal civil unions. The sanctity of marriage is something I feel VERY strongly about and with a number of states having constitutional ammendments on the ballot to ban same-sex marriage, this will become a big supreme court issue in the next four years. Having a president in office like Bush would help make sure that the sancity of marriage is preserved. Speaking of the supreme court, that is another issue that makes me unsure of Kerry. I think the sumpreme court has way to much freaking power, and my ideas of how the court should function are much more in line with Bush than Kerry. Also, it is a miracle that some of the judges hanged on for as long as they have, and despite who wins there is a very high chance that at least one judge would be replaced. This would cause rulings on abortion and gay marriage to go the way I would favor (which be anti-aborition and anti-gay marriage just for the record). Finally, I am very unsure about Kerry on foreign policy. While I do beleive that President Bush burned far to many bridges and was a bit to strong handed and uncouth in his international relations. I was very happy that he stopped walking on eggshells and bending over backwards to appease some nations (i.e. France).

So basically my predicment is this: Do I choose Bush based on moral grounds or Kerry based on political ideals. comments, opinions, persuasive essays, and cash bribes are now welcome.

Be a Political Pundit

Monday, September 06, 2004

Random quote

While I am mainly a console gamer, I ran across the quote on a message board and found it to be extremely funny:
"These blast marks, too accurate for a controller. Only a mouse and keyboard are so precise"

I'd Reckon I might just be killin' some varmits

So Abigail was gone this weekend, and to help pass the time I rented a game. Sadly the top three games I wanted to rent were all gone so I ended up getting Red, Dead, Revolver. The game is set in the Old West and is made to emulate the old Western melo-dramas (the one where people fight in bars, on top of trains, etc. not the singing cowboy ones). In addition to that, I have also been playing Wild ARMS 3. Which is a RPG also with a Western setting. While, this hasn't made me want to start listening to country music and ride horses, I do want to watch some Western movies. Specifically, the Magnificent Seven because I have never seen it and I know it is based off of the Seven Samuri, and I want to watch Unforgiven. I have not seen it since I was like 11. Other than that, I have just been enjoying the fact that today is labor day.

Friday, September 03, 2004

I should probably feel guilty

. .but I don't. Specifically I don't feel guilty about putting a braggart teenager in his place. As you may have previously read, on Friday nights at the church we are now letting teenagers hang out (there were 19 there tonight!) One of the main attractions for coming is playing X-box, which means Halo. So I was playing in on a game, and there was this one kid who was trash talking all over the place. Everytime he would kill someone he would be jumping up and down and get in people's face. So he sniped me and said that he was so much better than me. So I then proceeded to hand on him his newly plasma-fried butt over and over again (the absolute best was when he had got on a killing spree on Blood gulch from sniping and I walked up behind and whapped on the head, then took his sniper rifle and shot him when he respawned.) Though as a result of those games I am now regarded as some Halo superman and everytime someone killed me they acted as if David had just slew Goliath. I'll let the myth stand until the one guy who is on the football team can start coming and then I'm dead.

Also, today I applied for two jobs. The first is a part time teaching posistion where I would do 4th grade extended day, and the second one was a youth minsitry posistion at the church where my dad use to be at (Unity Chapel). Though for that the work out I would have to be allowed to work at both churhes at once because there is no way I could leave Old Capitol right now.