Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Connor Report

I once again let an entire month worth of days go by with out making a blog post.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I blogged like crazy last month, it was just all about board games.  I made over 40 posts in March in our blog that is documenting the process of Abigail and I playing through all of our games.  I guess I only have so much time I am willing to devote to writing, and writing about our gaming experience is where all that time is going.

However, I have had ideas of blog posts to make.  I just never made them.  One blog idea that I have had repeatedly is to write about the changes Connor goes through has he has grown and developed.  I first thought about writing this back when he was six months old, and his personality was starting to really show.  However, I did not.  I then thought about doing it again when he turned one, then when he started talking more, and when he turned two.  Of course I never did any of those things.  At this point, Abigail and I both feel that Connor is transitioning from being a toddler to a full on little boy.  So this time I am going to record it.  Here are the things that I am noticing and loving about my son.

We just began potty training Connor and he is doing well with it.  One of things that Connor likes most about going potty is the little potty dance that Abigail made up.  Connor like's music. .  . kind of.  He does not seems to care for listening to music all that much, but he loves it when people sing and he likes to sing.  Connor loves to sing the alphabet song, and it is ADORABLE when he does so.  Connor also likes to sing the church baptism song.

Speaking of church, Connor loves church.  Every time he sees a cross he says "church" and smiles.   One story that I do not think I will ever grow tired of telling happened last month.  On a Saturday, I took  Connor outside to play on the church playground.  We were only there for a few minutes when he wanted to leave.  He wanted to leave because he wanted to go to church.  There was something I needed to get anyway, so we headed over to the church.  After I grabbed my paper, Connor wanted to go into the sanctuary.  We sat down and he was happy as could be.  He then wanted to walk up front, so we walked up to the front.  Then he wanted to touch the big cross, so I lifted him up and he touched the cross.  As we were leaving we passed the kneeling rails, and he stopped and said "pray".  Connor then proceeded to get on his knees and say "Thank you for [the] Cross.  Amen."

Connor is all boy.  He loves to play outside and he loves to climb.  He recently freaked me out.  I had put him down for a nap, but he did not fall asleep yet.  I heard him say "sorry", so I went into his room.  Since we started potty training he sometimes says sorry when he pees in a pull-up.  I went in there and found that he was not in his crib, but on his changing table!  He had used a stuffed animal, to climb up the side of the crib and then he managed to make the grab and get onto the changing table.  We have since separated the two pieces of furniture with a bigger gap.  Like all boys, Connor still likes balls.  We have recently been trying to get him to do bowling, but he prefers to knock the pins over himself instead of using the ball.  Connor also likes cars (especially buses), but he likes trains most of all.  Connor loves Thomas the Tank Engine.  He always wants to watch Thomas.  When he is not wanting to watch Thomas or play outside, there is a good chance he is playing with trains.  We opted to get Connor a Geotrax train set.  This was a good decision, because those toys are built to last and so far they have stood up to the abuse he has given them.

I am happy that Connor knows who Batman is, and I am hoping we can keep that.  I am really looking forward to the day we can read comic books together.  I am also happy that Connor enjoys playing games.  His favorite game is Race around Sodor (a Thomas game).  He also likes a game called Go Away Monster.  Connor also continues to enjoy rolling dice, so hopefully we have a future gamer.  He has not really messed with an Xbox controller, but he knows his way around an iPad.  The iPad has been really good for him.  It has taught him how to do more complex puzzles and how to do matching memory games.

Finally, I am glad that Connor is (finally) beginning to talk in complete sentences.   I know other parents have joked once they learn to talk they never shut up, but I am really, really looking forward to having a full conversation with my son (even if it is about something silly).

I clearly can not believe how fast he is growing up, and that is the Connor Report.  Hopefully, I will do this again some time.