Thursday, July 28, 2005

. .. And I'm back

For a day anyway. Our internet connection got turned on last night, so I will at least get internet access for one day before I am off and gone. We moved in last weekend and it went well. We got the truck loaded in under four hours and unloaded in just over two. This past week has consisted of unpacking and exploring the area (there is so much stuff, so close! which for those of you who have always lived in a city or suburb that is not a big deal, but for my entire life I have been 15-30 min. away from everything.) I really can not express how excited both Abigail and I are about this move and all of the new possibilities. Also, the house is huge! Take a look:
Image hosted by
and the back view
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It definatly offers a lot more space than the apartments we were living in. Tomorrow I am off to Cedar Point and then to church camp, so unless I update in the few hours I will have on Sunday, I won't be back here until next Saturday.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I will be back, I promise!

This past week has been odd. It has mainly been full of packing, getting sick of packing, but then not having much to do because just about everything is packed away. I have mostly filled that extra down time by capturing the flag as a Bren wielding Brit in Call of Duty: Finest Hour ( a game that Abigail lovingly got for me). We also went to the Drive-in last week and saw Willy Wonka and the Charlie Factory along with Batman Begins. Both movies are excellent and both movies are better than their predcessors. Yes, I realize most people will think I am on crack for saying that about Willy Wonka, but I am sticking to that (though Gene Wilder delievered a better preformance than Johnny Depp).
Anyway, tomorrow is moving day! Tomorrow we load up the truck and leave Corydon for good. I will not say I am never coming back here again, because then it would just become ironic forshadowing like it does for Luke Skywalker and Tatooine.
Due to moving, I am going to be without internet access for awhile. We won't have it hooked up at our new place until July 29th. That is also the day I am leaving with the youth group at Epworth to go to Cedar Point (w00t!). I then return on the 31st and immediatly drive to Beford to direct a summer camp. I then come back the 6th and officially start my new job! Yeah, I am going to be busy! I will try to udpate on the 29th before I leave with a pic of the house but no promises on that one. Also, after we get our stuff mostly unpacked you can expect a photo tour.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Wow (or it is fun to follow links)

I think I vaguley remember hearing about this place at some point but exactly what it is and what it means didn't quite register. I would take the time to rant about it but someone else already did, said almost exaclty what I would have said, and I'm lazy, so read their thoughts
Along the same lines, they are finally making a Left Behind game, but I have already expressed my thoughts on that (2nd post from the top currently). Other people are critizing video games for a different reason. Appearently the makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at one point considered an interactive sex scene in the game, but cut it out. However, the source code remained locked in the game and in the PC version a mod makes it available. This has politians all up in arms. Instead of acting like responsible people the teenager gamers (and probably a lot of non teenager gamers) start proving that video games do make people violent. I'm just curious if there was a rated R DVD that had a graphic sex scene cut out but then made a hidden Easter Egg, would there be this much complaining?
Finally I got myself in trouble this week when I read an old article from Housekeeping Monthly that basically expressed a good wife always knows her place. When I shared it with Abigail she wasn't amused (well actually she was)

Monday, July 11, 2005


Abigail has a teaching job! She will be teaching in Carmel in a moderate classroom. This was exactly what she wanted, exactly where she wanted it. Everything could not work out more perfectly. We also have a set move date of July 23rd! This gives us 11 days to pack and get everything in order. I can not express how excited we both are. Now are we have to do is get all of our stuff into a moving truck.
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Sunday, July 10, 2005

On Location

I am once again not at home. Abigail was in a wedding of a friend from high school this weekend, so on Thursday we left to head back up to Highland (less than 24 hours after Abigail got home from Floridia, and it sounds like she got back just in time). The wedding was a Catholic wedding, so it was also my first experience with a Catholic mass. It was interesting, and I did like how some elements felt very sacred and very ancient, but I understand that they do the same thing every single Sunday. . variety is the spice of life (and worship). We are leaving Highland today to go to Indianapolis where Abigail has job interviews. She currently has two interviews scheduled for Monday and one for Tuesday but she is trying to get a second one for Tuesday. We then return home for a two weeks before attempting to move. This has become and absolutly crazy summer!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Binge Gaming

Frat boys have binge drinking where they carry what they consider fun (though how getting drunk is fun will always be beyond me), so I guess people like me can apply the same concept of wanton excess to something they enjoy. My brother came down this weekend and was here for right at 48 hours. Now including sleeping, I would wager somewhere between 22-18 of those hours were spent gaming. All in all we played 13 different games. As usual Star Wars Battlefront was the main game of choice. There are only a small handfull of games that I can say I have "mastered", but Star Wars Battlefront can be added to this list. We played through about every level twice on the hardest setting, and with only one faction were there three levels we lost, and they were all close games. I was also happy to get and play Brothers in Arms against another person. Out of the 13 games we played seven were first person shooters. I don't even want to guess how much simulated death we caused, but I saw on the news today that video games are acutally good for me, regular video game players have a heigtened hand eye cordination, alertness, and are they are able to interpret their surroundings more quickly. Researchers believe that video game playing may help stimulate the brain and aid in the therapy of some stroke victims.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Call out to Andrew Lahti

Hopefully you read this (though I am not sure), but anyway this should be your next concert piano piece.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

This is really big news! Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring from the supreme court. The reason why this is so big is becuase in almost every controversial 5-4 split decision by the court, she has been that swing vote. With President Bush doing the replacing, there is a very good chance that American Policy on issues like abortion are going to swing back another way. Which is why there is going to be a big brawl on Capitol Hill. The Democratic Senators already caused a big huff a month or so ago, by using fillerbusters to block lower court nominations by President Bush. I seriously believe that this appointment process is going to be one for the record books. It is going to be extremely nasty, ultra-political, and in the end show some of the very critical flaws the checks and balances system has (namely, the supreme court doesn't have any). I believe that this appointment process will be studied in politcal science classes for decades to come. I am also glad once more that I don't have cable because all 30,000 cable news shows are going to have talking heads flogging this issue to a raw, mutilated death 24/7 until it is resolved.