Friday, October 29, 2004

What I did this week . .

Wow. . . a double post . . .

Anyway, first I need to rewind about a week ago. We were coming home from Abigial's parents house. Actually. . . rewind two weeks ago. We got the oil in our car changed. When we did that they did all of their digonostic stuff and part of that said the tread depth was two. Now, when we are at Abigail's house we found out that is not a good thing (in fact they are legally worn out). Anyway we drove back the Entire way in rain, which wasn't fun because that made it really slippery for us. Anyway, tires our expensive sadly. The cool thing is in the week we need extra money, I end up subbing for five days this week which is the first time this semester, and rarity anyways. Though sadly as part of this I had to baby sit a class (because it really wasn't more than that, and the average toddler was in all honesty more mature than some of these teens) that was terrible. There was one kid who tried everything to get under my skin (and I mean everything!) Though the last laugh was mine, because I did send him to the office, but I did so very calmly. Thus he left really mad because he never got me visibly upset. I win! >:)


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