Monday, November 01, 2004

The Act of Improvisation

So yesterday had the unique distinction of being both Halloween and a Sunday. So I thought for youth group what would be better than having a murder mystery? So everything was set but people who were suppose to be there didn't show. Not only that but they had there character books (with all the clues) with them. Thus we couldn't even get by because the clues are all dependent on each other. So I was stuck up the creek. Trying to come up with something to do I thought of the game clue. It would have been lame to just sit around and play the board game. What I did (after my wonderful wife drove the game out to me) was hide the clue cards in various rooms in the church. Each room got assigned a room from the clue mansion. The youth in teams took turns exploring different rooms literally looking for clues. In between turns they would get one clue from another team. I am sure something like this has been done before (only much better) but it worked and everyone went home happy.


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