Thursday, November 04, 2004

Election Reflection

So I should have realized that the after 2000, the networks were going to be very, very sure before they declared a winner. Despite that fact, I still watched the coverage to see who the new president would be. I fell asleep around 2 in the morning and then woke up at 4 am just see that an official winner had not yet been declared. Though I was still surprised to see Dan Rather on the air, I then went to sleep again feeling bad about by myself because an old man like him stayed up later than me.
I did notice it was interesting that Fox News (otherwise known as GOP-TV) was the first one to declare Bush the winner of Ohio, while CBS (considered to be the most liberal) was the last.
However, what I found most interesting in this election was the local stuff. I officially live in Republican held territory. This is odd because southeast indiana is conventionally considered a democrat stronghold. However, Indiana's new governor, Mitch Daniels, is the first Republican Governor in 16 years. More shocking Baron Hill, the incumbent Represenative for my district lost. Mike Sordel will now be the first Republican Congressman from this area in over forty years. Going more locally, The Republicans control the county council and the county commisioners, and the incumbent State Represenative, Paul Roberston, barely held onto his office. All indiciations is that nationally the Republicans beat the democrats like a red headed step child this election. This goes completely against political conventional wisdom, because all indications is that this is going to be the highest voter turnout in a long, long time, and conventional wisdom says that higher turnout favors democrats. Appearently, Nixon's silent majority has once again spoken.

Personally, my ballot was split half democrats and republicans (with one Liberterian!) For the president, after much deliberating, I finally voted for John Kerry. For Governor I voted for Mitch Daniels. My vote for senator was cast in favor of Evan Bayh, and finally I voted for Baron Hill for the house.


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