Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Impressions of Halo 2

After playing a good deal of Halo 2 both multiplayer and Campaign mode here are my first impressions be warned SPOILERS FOLLOW

Multiplayer: These maps are freaking huge!!! It is very obvious that they were made with online play in mind. To play most of them with 4 or less people is a recipie for frustration. That being said, they are reall cool. My personal favorite has to be the remake of Blood Cultch, just because the Banshee battles it creates are really fun. Incidently, vehicles play a much bigger part in combat this time, and I personally think the ghost is overly powerful but that is just me. Thankfully the pistol lost it's ability to zoom so pistol sniping is no more! There are a lot more weapons and they seem a lot more balanced, though in the games I played the Shotgun always owned (and double needlers rocks! as does the plasma sword). Finally, I really like how you can customize your armor and make your own battle emblem. Mine is the Legend of Zelda Tri-force over the cross of St. Andrew.

Singleplayer: The story thus far is really, really cool. However, I am just mildly disapointed because the advertising campaign has set up Halo 2 as the fight for Earth, and that fight involved one level! However, the level variety is much improved, and in addition to that there are two playable characters. You actually play a member of the Covenant, and cut scenes take the game from a generic action game to an actual story universe. One of the biggest changes that was made is there is no longer a health bar. You now just have a shield (which can take slightly more damage), and after that is gone one or two hits and your done. It does make it a tad harder, but if you play smart it is not a problem (and this did get rid of a problem in the first game of being stuck in the middle of a level with one health bar and no health packs in sight). I have not beat the game, but I am sad to say the blasted library level made a return (I am in it right now) though it is nowhere near as annoying as the first one.


Blogger lomn said...

For the record: I remade your profile on my rig for just-in-case, and nailed the prediction of "Tri-Force" :p

Anyhoo, I'll pitch in some thoughts.
16-player Blood Gulch (Coagulation) is awesome. Period. And the new battle rifle pwns, you can pick people off a mile away with that sucker (particularly when most are too lazy to get true long-range stuff of their own).

The assault-style games are pretty cool, too. 8 players is fine for most maps (that's default for CTF games on Live).

The Live party system, and game-join system, is very nicely done. 4-player split screen on Live is another bonus.

Shame to hear about Library. I haven't gotten near that far (don't move real fast w/o co-op).

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