Monday, November 08, 2004

Just under 14 hours to go . . .

Until I play Halo 2! Even though I technically already bought it, but it just wasn't for me. ..

Allow me to rewind. A few months ago one of the kids in the youth group laid out for me his plan to skip school to go buy Halo 2. I told him that if he went to school, then as soon as it was over we would have a massive Halo 2 party at the church. That was cool, but this posed a problem . .. how could he get the game and get to the church right after school. Thus, I said I would buy it for him if he gave me the money. So I went and got IN LINE at Wal-mart to get Halo 2 at 11:50. That is right the Wal-Mart in little Corydon, IN had a line of people waiting to buy Halo 2 at midnight. In fact, a Louisiville Police officer even came all the way up here to avoid the crowds. Due to a wal-mart pricing error I was able to get him the commerative edition at the same price as the regular one. Now I am just waiting for the 14 hours to pass and it is on!


Blogger lomn said...

Nice score! I found a Limited Ed preorder for $40 but not sure when it'll actually get delivered. I figured I could stall a day or two and save the $10, so I pulled the trigger on that one.

9:47 PM  

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