Monday, November 15, 2004

Video Game Tournament Results

If you want the full, play by play results then check out the church blog (you can find the link by scrolling down). Anyway, 24 teens showed up. The competition for Soul Caliber II was the best, and the finals of Halo were really impressive (1 on 1, Hang 'em High, system link so no screen watching and no radar. The two guys were so into it they even had the sound on their TV turned off so they would not give away their posistion.) In the end $150 was raised for Voice of the Martyrs ( Also, a represenative from the group came out and spoke at the church. He didn't make to much of an impression on the teenagers at the youth service, but he spoke to the adult Sunday School classes and that went really well, and opened a lot of people's eyes.

All in all a big success. Now I just have to find volunteers for this week's lock-in. . .


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