Friday, March 04, 2005

What I am playing . ..

I know no one really cares, but it has been a good while since I have posted what games I am currently playing. Since getting a cable modem, the way I play games has changed quite a bit with online play. Before I for the most part played three games at a time, and then occasionally did a burnout race, atar classics, or FPS deathmatch just for variety. However, I am currently playing around six games. The two games that have most of my attention now are Killzone and the Sonic Mega Collection. Killzone is a really tense FPS, and it has an onlinemultiplayer, but it annoys me, I just can't figure out how to use the gernades effectivly online. I am really wanting to get through this game, so that as soon as Brothers in Arms comes (which I got for my Birthday) I can start playing that. The sonic mega-collection is just so fun. I can't get enough of the 2d hedgehog running at high speed. Also, there is a puzzle game on there that Abigail really likes to play, so I play that against her. I am also playing Champions Return to Arms with Abigail. We beat the game once, and we have already started on our second play-through. I am also occasinonally playing World Championship Poker with Abigail online. I also try to get in at least one or two games of Star Wars battlefront online a week. I was playing Front Mission 4, but I ran into a really annoying brick wall, and after pouring over five hours into one mission over the course of the month, I have given up. I started playing Final Fantasy X-2, but I am only like an hour into that. Finally, I am also playing through Mark of Kri with Alex, Abigail's brother but last I checked I am ahead of him, so I won't continue till he catches up. Just as a side note, I know it sounds like all I do is play games (and despite what Abigail says, I don't), but I am not playing any more than I did a year ago, it is just my attention is a bit more divided, mostly to online play.


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