Sunday, March 06, 2005

It always happens. . ..

It seems that whenever I try to plan a youth group that is specifically designed to get people to come, I have the least amount of people show up. For example I gave away Switchfoot's Beautiful Let Down. I average between 10-12 people, and only 6 showed up. Between family events, buying a car, and pink eye, there just wasn't anyone else who could really come. I also planned this cool dart gun game, where they ran around the church finding clues that led them to a proof of God's existance as well as another clue. The entire time I was hunting them, and if they shot me, I would leave them alone for five minutes, and if I shot them, they had to read a Psalm before continuing. It was really cool, and there was actually decent discussion about how we can know God is real afterwards. To bad only half the group showed up. Oh well.


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