Saturday, March 05, 2005

Going Portable

So a Gameboy is something that I have thought would be kind of cool to have since about 1989. It is something that I would occasinally look on ebay for, and whenever I found one really, really cheap would put a bid in just to see the auction end at like double my max bid. With an upcoming international flight my desire for a gameboy has grown. Waiting for three hours this week to have breaks fixed showed me the down right necessity of portable games (well nescessity might be a bit strong of a word). Anyway, I really began looking on ebay. 10 lost auctions later, I finally scored a Gameboy Advance for fairly cheap, especially considering it comes with a rechargable battery pack and car adapter. Abigail then found two games on ebay for me, so by the end of this coming week, I should be able to "watch" the Aprentice with her ( a show that makes me go meh, but she loves) while playing Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls or Mario Kart Super Circuit.


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