Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just Because I can

So you know this random survey things that float all over the internet? Most likely your answer is yes, and I hate those. Well, I have always sort of liked those, and I found a perfect one for me today

Gamer's Boredom Survey

1. Name: Sean Johnson

2. Age:24

3. Sex: male

4. Location: Corydon IN

5. First system you ever owned: Atari

6. First game you ever beat: Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

7. Most consecutive hours spent gaming: Probably close to six

8. Number of controllers broken in a fit of frustration: 0

9. Most games traded in to get that one on the first day:I have only traded in games 2 for 1 at Book and Music Exchange

10. Number of quarters spent on favorite arcade: I have no idea how much I put into the X-men arcade game. . but it was a lot!

11. Marvel or Capcom:Marvel

12. Capcom or SNK:SNK

13. Mario or Luigi: It's me . . .Mario

14. Jak or Ratchet: don't care

15. Microwave dinner or Pizza delivery: got to trust the Pappa John on this one

16. Mouse or Controller:controller


18. Cord or Wireless: Don't care to much

19. DDR or PumpitUp:DDR

20. Sega or Nintendo: Nintendo all the way

21. Top 5 best games: Mario Kart 64, Star Wars Battlefront, Halo, Culdcept, Gladius

22. Top 5 worst games: Haven Call of the King, Star Wars Jedi Power Battles, Pit Fighter, Splinter Cell, Sector Z (at least I think that is what it was called, we had it for the Nintendo)

23. Top 5 best game soundtracks: Star Wars Battlefront, Zelda Ocenaria of Time, SSX 3, Medal of Honor Frontline, Secret Weapons over Normandy

24. Top 5 worst game soundtracks: Burnout 3, most original Nintendo music

25. Top 5 most wanted games: Brothers in Arms, Timesplitters Future Perfect, The Legend of Zelda, Lego Star Wars, Final Fantasy Chronicles

26. Top 5 favorite arcade games: X-men Arcade game, Soul Caliber II, Daytona USA, Pac-man, any pinball game

27. Top 5 best reasons used to convince parents to get you a game: I don't have to do that anymore!

28. Top 5 reasons your parents said no: see above

29. Top 5 dorkier things about yourself other than gaming: I know way to much about Star Wars, I subscribe to Military History Magazine, I have a closet full of games with names like Hero quest and stratego legends, I have made up my own games to put in that closet, I know how to play Magic the Gathering.

30. Top 5 things that make you awesome: I am awesome? Sweet!


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