Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rocking Out

Those with overly good memories will remember that last year I was suppose to take the youth group to the Icthus Music Festival for the whole weekend but everyone backed out at the last second except one. This year, I gave them a second chance, but instead of camping and being there the whole weekend, we just went for one day. This time six youth went, with no one backing out. We left from Corydon at 7:45ish but didn't arrive at the Icthus grounds until 11:00, and it only a 111 mile journey. This is because the day got of to a bang (more of a smash really) with my other adult driver being involved in a fender bender in rush hour traffic on I64 in downtown Louisiville. His car was no worse for wear and no one was hurt. He then missed the exit later on, so I had to wait for him to turn around and catch up, but it is ok. We got there in time for Thousand Foot Krutch, they are by far my absolute favorite band so I was super excited to see them. Their show was awesome, and the played some of their stuff from their first CD including Puppet and a meolody of other songs. After Thousand Foot Krutch was Kutless, and they were good. After a break, we came back and saw Pillar play. This was by far the most energetic set. Everyone who was up close listening, wanted to be upclose listening and it was pretty crazy (well as crazy as a Christian concert with good security can get). They also played stuff from their original CD, and I was one of the few people who seemed to be familiar with it, so that was cool. After Pillar , I listened to some random band on another stage called Kids in the Way. They were from Indianapolis, which was cool, but to me they were "just another rock band". Next was Charlie Hall with some of his worship music and the main speaker who was very, very good. He was followed up by Reliant K. Reliant K was suppose to be followed up by Toby Mac (meh), but a tornado warning sent everyone rushing back to their vehicles (and apperantly at one spot on the grounds a stupid person yelled tornado and caused a huge panic, where there were a few minor injuries). It was an awesome experience, and despite an accident, sunburn, and inclement weather I think all of the teens feel the same way.


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