Saturday, April 16, 2005

A trip to the Movies

And it really is a trip, the Corydon theater is currently closed for renovations (and has been for over a month) so if we want to see a movie it is a 2o minute drive. However, it has been a really long time since Abigail and I had been to the theater to see a movie, and we both wanted to change that. The problem was that we both really wanted to see different movies. The dark gritty film noir style, super artistic camera work, and true-to-the source comic book adaptation of Sin City made it a must see for me. However, the extreme violence and graphic nature made it an instant turn off for me. On the other side Fever Pitch was a must see for Abigail. Unfortunatly a romantic comedy, starring Drew Barrymore with a stupid name (the movie was originally British and dealt with soccer, were the field is known as a pitch .. it works a bit better in that capacity than as a name for a baseball movie) equaled three strikes from me. We knew that if we went to just one, neither would be happy, and there was not a neutral third choice that either one of us was interested in, so we saw both today!
Sin City is incredible. Yes, the stories are dark, depressing, and hopeless. However, the story telling is out of this world, and as a long time comic book reader it felt like watching a comic book. There were some shots where it looked like someone had taken a splash page and somehow made it real (which is EXACTLY what happened). Sin City is truly a cinematic work of genius that I would highly recommend.
On the other hand is Fever Pitch and it wasn't that bad. . .for the most part. I dislike Romantic Comedies because they all have the same basic plot (boy and girl who have differences fall for each other all is good, big disaster and they seperate, movie ends with them getting reunited in some ridicolous fashion.) For a while I thought the movie was going to actually avoid the same tired plot, but sadly it didn't. However, I will say, that this was funnier than most romantic comedies, and in a lot of ways went "deeper" in the issues it explored. It was all good though, both of us got to see the movie we wanted to see, and most importantly enjoy seeing it with the person we care most about.
What made it perfect was that I got to see the Revenge of the Sith trailer twice. . . on a big screen. . . Yes, you can remind me of all the shortcomings that Episode I has, you can even point to some of the akward dialouge from Episode II but after seeing this trailer on a big screen with surround sound my only possible reaction is


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