Thursday, July 28, 2005

. .. And I'm back

For a day anyway. Our internet connection got turned on last night, so I will at least get internet access for one day before I am off and gone. We moved in last weekend and it went well. We got the truck loaded in under four hours and unloaded in just over two. This past week has consisted of unpacking and exploring the area (there is so much stuff, so close! which for those of you who have always lived in a city or suburb that is not a big deal, but for my entire life I have been 15-30 min. away from everything.) I really can not express how excited both Abigail and I are about this move and all of the new possibilities. Also, the house is huge! Take a look:
Image hosted by
and the back view
Image hosted by
It definatly offers a lot more space than the apartments we were living in. Tomorrow I am off to Cedar Point and then to church camp, so unless I update in the few hours I will have on Sunday, I won't be back here until next Saturday.


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