Friday, December 02, 2005

Seriously best live band ever!

Over a year ago I posted about an awesome Casting Crowns concert Abigail and I went to. Well, we did it again. We drove up to Fort Wayne yesterday and saw them again. Last year we saw them in a church with maybe a 1,000 people. This year it was in a huge room that had close to 10,000 people, and they were a headlining touring band. Despite all of the rock star cred they had built up in the past year, they were still as down to earth and authentic as the last time we saw them. Just like before, the band intentionally doesn't treat it like a concert but as a church service and it really comes across as such. Seriously last night was really close to one of the best church services I have ever attended. All three hours of it! After the concert ended we had a free hotel night to use, so we did so. This morning, Abigail, of course had to hit up the mall. While there, I took advantage of a deal a store had and got this game to use for church purposes (between Wyldlife, Confirmation, and Jr. High Sunday School I will get my money out of it):

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And yes, the quality of the cover art really does say it all, but the game does have it's purposes and uses. By the way, this game carries something very Important:
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