Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blog Dump

Gosh darn it, I went a week again without an update, sorry about that. So since last week I have seen three movies on the big screen, two were on Saturday at a $1.75 theater. A History of Violence, is not so good. However, watching Serenity a second time=awesome! I can't believe that it comes out on DVD in less than a month (Dec. 20th) . On Tuesday I got dragged to see Rent. Bloody Awful. That is all I got to say about it. It takes a simple point, that their opening song makes and then painfully spreads it out over 2 1/2 hours with pointless song after pointless song. It easily earned a spot in my own personal Top 5 worst movies. In case you are curious here is the list.
1. Mulan Rouge
2. Titantic
3. Pocohontas
4. Sideways
5. Rent

On Wednesday I got the rare opportunity to play Axis and Allies. My brother and three of his friends wanted to play Risk, but he talked them into Axis and Allies instead. I was the only one who had really played before and they insisted on blind draw, so I was playing Russia. The person playing Germany did not attack Russia on the first or second turn like he really needs to to win, so I had to act and steam rolled over them, Though the guy playing Britian managed a costal landing in France at the same time, so Germany fell fast. The guy playing Japan decided to take on U.S. instead of back dooring Russia, and forfeited after Germany fell, he was blockaded by the United States, five British bombers were in striking distance, and I had 20 units in manchuria waiting for transports to cross over. Thursday we got seven inches of snow. That is a lot of snow, in fact it caused Abigail to have a snow day. Her school system's first in three years. Today there is a youth fundraiser of going around and doing work for people, and afterwards the group is going to see the Chronicles of Narnia.


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